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Guided Tours

The mighty brown- and grizzly bear is clearly the focus of my trips, no matter if they take place here in Canada, in Alaska, Russia or in Europe. As indicators for a healthy eco-system, bears illustrate how all things in nature are linked. That’s the reason why besides marveling at bears, we will also pay close attention to the inter-connectedness of all things on these tours. I see these trips not only as an amazing privilege but they also carry with them a great responsibility towards all living things we will encounter.


The Far East of Russia contains the last great wilderness areas on our planet. I have been visiting the Kamchatka Peninsula regularly since 2003 .....



I am still looking forward to every tour to the Alaskan brown bears like a little kid .....



Here in the Rockies, where I make my home, both custom designed day trips or multiday excursions into wilderness .....



Europe too has its wilderness oasis where the brown bear (Ursus arctos arctos),  amongst many other species, can be observed .....


Special Tours

It is possible to organize guided trips into any regions of the world .....


The idea of wilderness needs no defense,
it only needs defenders.

Edward Abbey

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